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About Us

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UC San Diego is a membership program for adults over the age of 50 who want to be part of a learning community with peers. This program is committed to providing its members with intellectually stimulating learning opportunities throughout the year. Each quarter, Osher at UC San Diego features an expansive variety of lectures and seminars. Class topics include Medicine, Science, Law and Society, Art and Literature, International Relations, Politics, Current Events, and Social Sciences. We strive to maintain the quality and diversity of our curriculum so that each member of Osher at UCSD can pursue subjects that will satisfy his or her individual
intellectual needs.

For a one-time annual registration fee, members of Osher can attend classes throughout
the entire academic year according to their own schedule; you can attend them
all or pick and choose those that sound most interesting to you. Osher at UC San Diego
features lectures and seminars by the outstanding faculty and researchers of the entire
San Diego academic community, as well as local leaders, artists, and musicians.

• Convenient daytime classes
• No prerequisites, grades, or tests
• Benefit of auditing most UC San Diego classes
• Free use of the UC San Diego libraries
• Activities, trips, and social opportunities

Osher at UCSD is a volunteer-run organization under the administrative auspices of UCSD Extension. Our approximately 800 members elect a set of volunteer Executive officers and a Council to establish organizational policy and to oversee a variety of volunteer committees focused on: curriculum, finances, membership, activities, fundraising, and more.

The Bernard Osher Foundation has given the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UC San Diego $375,000 in grants and a $1,000,000 endowment. These monies help maintain and improve the program and keep the cost of membership fees as low as possible.

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Officers, Council and Committees

President: Mike McDade

Vice President, Administration: Ed Coblens

Vice President, Planning: Carol Roberts

Secretary: Judi Miller

Treasurer: Neil Perl


Council Members:

Term Ending June 2018

Blythe Doane, John Kroon, Ira Nelson, Paul Page, Marlese Pinney

Term Ending June 2019

Stella Bolog, Ron Campnell, Paul Markowitz, Roger Sanders, Bill Smith

Term Ending June 2019

Gerald Kent, Peter Levine, Deborah Macdonald, Judy Russell, Steven Wyte

Ex-Officio Member:
James Forcier, Managing Director of UC San Diego Extension

Program Manager:
Amy Patterson


Curriculum Committee:
Chair: Steve Clarey

Vice Chair: Reed Sullivan
Eileen Coblens, Dick Dahlberg, Joel Dimsdale, Sarita Eastman, Indu Eerikal, Mark Evans, Pat Ford, Candace Gietzen, Steven Jenner, Lyle Kalish, Jerry Kent, Marsha Korobkin, John Kroon, Judi Miller, Ira Nelson, Mavis Porter, Roger Sanders, Linda Shirer, Joy Urich, Douglas Webb, Jim Wyrtzen, Steven Wyte

Co-Chairs: Marlese Pinney and Amy Patterson
Dick Dahlberg, Alan Haubenstock, John Kroon, James McCall, Jim Wyrtzen

Howard Aksen, Editor
Jim Wyrtzen, Layout

Kim Davies, Copy Editor
Linda Shirer, Copy Editor

Marketing and Communications:
Chair: Steve Clarey

Valerie Chereskin, Pat Fleming, Paula Kelly, Carol Roberts

Chair: Carol Roberts
Potluck Lunch: Natalie Holtzman

Finance Committee:
Ed Coblens, Mike McDade, Neil Perl


Chair: Ilene Hubbs

Open House Committee:
Chair: Joan Jacobs

TLC Committee:

Judi Miller


Osher Committees

Members are invited to volunteer to serve on the following committees each year:

  • Activities
  • Audio/Visual
  • Curriculum
  • Fundraising
  • New Membership Meetings
  • Hospitality
  • Membership
  • Membership Outreach and Marketing
  • Social Events
  • TLC