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Program and Classes General Information

Location: UC San Diego Extension Campus, 9600 North Torrey Pines Road, building D, Classroom 129 and Classroom 128

Class hours: 10-12 noon and 1-3pm daily

Classes are held Monday-Friday during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters and Monday-Thursday during the Summer quarter. Class topics and lecturers are determined by members of the Curriculum Committee and guided by recommendations of current Osher members.

As a member of Osher you may attend an unlimited number of classes without individual registration or separate fees. The only class you must register for separately is the Master Class series, which requires a $10 fee.

Some of the classes require advance reading, but only if you wish to join in the discussions. Otherwise, you are free to observe. Other classes permit discussion and questions without any preparation. There are no tests, grades, or attendance requirements. Pick and choose classes that interest you; come and go as you please. Take as many classes or as few as you wish. Attend only when you have the time.

If your sight and /or hearing is a little weak, don't worry. Our sound and projection systems have been designed so that you can hear and see adequately.


Auditing UCSD Classes

Osher members are given the privilege to audit undergraduate courses on the main UC San Diego campus. There is no credit given for audited courses. The auditor should receive permission from the professor at the beginning of the quarter to audit any class, and we ask that you do not participate in classroom discussion unless you are specifically invited to do so by the professor.

To receive permission to audit, speak to the professor in the classroom after a class. Many classes are very crowded, especially at the beginning of the quarter, with students frequently sitting on the floor for lack of seating space. In such circumstance, we request that auditors do not remain in the classroom.