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Members' Impressions

“You’ve got to survive physically and you’ve got to survive mentally and Osher takes care of the second part. It keeps you intellectually occupied and when you get to the doting age that’s a very important thing to be able to do. [Osher] serves a great purpose.” – David Klein, Diplomat

“I think the principle excitement [of Osher] is being part of an intellectually vibrant and well informed group of people who have access to some of the best minds in the world here through this program. Whether its people from UC San Diego, the Salk Institute, the Scripps Research Institute, the Scripps Institute of Oceanography…having that access to very, very bright very well informed and very articulate people is very exciting. Being here and a part of this campus and a part, as I’ve said earlier, of the broader universe around this campus is – we are exceptionally fortunate as a group to be able to have that kind of access to these kinds of brilliant minds” – L. Donald Shields, Professor Emeritus, California State University, Fullerton

“Everything about learning to me is life affirming: it’s positive, it’s optimistic and it’s not just the specific information like how to keep your brain healthy, it’s really just looking forward to learning something new each day.” – Kim Davies, Lawyer

"Classes at Osher and especially the discussion groups provide wonderful intellectual stimulation and nourshing interactions with always new and forever treasured friends."
Jean Gray, member since 2002

"For several years a church friend kept telling me about the exciting things that were happening at ICL (Osher). When I retired from a 35-year teaching career at the middle school level I needed adult interaction and decided to see for myself what she’d been describing. I began attending classes and was hooked. I found and continue to find stimulating courses and wonderful friends. I especially enjoy the science and music classes."
Vivian Leahy, member since 2001.

"I have Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). Reading that during the last two years I would be wheelchair or bedridden, I spent 2009 going on cruises. In January, a doctor told me about the Osher Institute. I signed up the same day. I found each program better than the last. I love the idea that I do not have to attend any class if I do not feel like it. The exercise classes have improved my walking balance. I enjoy Inside Politics and Current Events, where students are urged to express their opinions. The lectures on "Impressionism" and "The Nature of Aggression" were unbelievably excellent. I only wish I had known about the Osher program during 2009. I would be about $15,000 wealthier and a lot smarter!"
Kathleen Boyles, member since 2009.

Classes include:

  • Distinguished Lecturers
  • Medicine
  • Law and Society
  • Art and Literature (including book discussions and personal writing workshops)
  • Politics and Current Events
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Live Music
  • and many more

Take as many classes or as few as you wish. Attend only when you have the time.

Convenient class hours are 10 - 12 noon and 1 - 3 pm.