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Inside Politics

This class is devoted to the hot political issues of the day. We cover the President, senators, members of Congress, governors, mayors, and state and local issues. We cover foreign policy, domestic policy, the media, and the gridlock in Washington. Please join this popular political discussion class. All opinions are welcome and encouraged.


Al Korobkin is a retired California Assistant Attorney General. His practice focused on representing the Medical Board of California and other health-care licensing boards. At the time he retired, Korobkin was the chief medical prosecutor for the state of California. His hobbies are reading about and discussing politics, sports, and popular culture.

After working as a union electrician for 15 years, George Glickman opened his own real-estate company, then joined the U.S. Navy Civil Service as a Real Estate Broker in 1988. He retired as a Command Webmaster in 2012. Glickman currently serves on the Civil Rights Committee of the Anti-Defamation League and has been an active participant in the Inside Politics class for several years.

Course Number: OSHR-70001   Credit: 0 units


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