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Henry Williams and Kirk Cunningham

Lively group discussions of current issues in the news. Each session focuses on a single topic currently capturing public and media attention. As a group, we drill into the issues and values at stake and explore possible outcomes or policy choices. The discussions are not designed to guide participants to a singular or specific solution. Rather, they are intended to stir a lively discussion that will encourage exploration and thoughtful consideration of the issue. Specific topics will be announced by email prior to each discussion group.

Instructor: Facilitators: Henry Williams has been an Osher member for eight years and has lived in San Diego County since 1972. He retired from a career in commercial real-estate finance and is a member of the San Diego Deliberation Network.

Kirk Cunningham has been an Osher member for three years and has lived in Del Mar since 1997. He retired from a career in marketing for high-tech companies and is a political junkie.

Course Number: OSHR-70004   Credit: 0 units


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