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Proposals for Science-Based Regulation of Genetically Engineered Food and Dietary Supplements

Professor Joanna K. Sax

This lecture will examine two distinct areas of food regulation by the Food and Drug Administration and will explore how regulatory policies affect our food supply. Genetically engineered foods, colloquially known as GMOs, are tightly regulated even though we understand a lot about their safety. Dietary supplements, on the other hand, are only loosely regulated even though we understand little about many of them. This lecture will provide a thoughtful basis for sensible regulatory reform.

Instructor: Joanna Sax is the E. Donald Shapiro Professor of Law at California Western School of Law. She earned both a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology and a JD from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a nationally recognized scholar for her interdisciplinary work in law and science.

Coordinator: Mark Evans

Course Number: OSHR-70008   Credit: 0 units


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