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San Diego Waves and Beaches

Professor Robert Guza

San Diego area beaches are continuously shaped by waves, tides, and the availability of sand to replace the loss caused by downslope transport to deeper water. Flood control on rivers and cliff armoring (seawalls) has substantially reduced the flux of sand to the coast. The deficit was partially balanced by large volumes placed on area beaches from dredging of San Diego Bay and construction of San Onofre nuclear power plant. These sources no longer provide new beach sand. With substantial cost and controversy, sand has been barged from offshore (deposited at lower stands of sea level) to local beaches. As sea level rises, the vulnerability of beaches will increase. We will consider the phenomenon of beach erosion and the efficacy of sand nourishments during the recent El NiƱo.

Instructor: Robert Guza is Professor Emeritus of Integrative Oceanography at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. He earned his BA at Johns Hopkins and his MS and PhD at Scripps.

Coordinators: Steve Jenner

Course Number: OSHR-70015   Credit: 0 units


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