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The Importance of Blood-Vessel Growth in the Central Nervous System

Professor Richard Milner

This lecture will discuss the role of proteins found between cells in regulating blood-vessel growth in the central nervous system (CNS). During development, some cells switch from a cell-type involved with the development of blood vessels into a cell-type that is instead associated with changes in cell receptors in the adult. Studies showed that these new cells were strongly unregulated on blood vessels, suggesting that minimizing these changes may be important in driving blood-cell growth in the adult CNS. Current research is using specially bred mice to define the roles of various molecules at specific stages of blood-vessel development.

Instructor: Richard Milner is Associate Professor of Molecular Medicine at Scripps Research Institute, where his research focuses on understanding how extracellular matrix proteins regulate blood-vessel growth in the central nervous system. He received his MD and PhD in Developmental Neurobiology from the University of Cambridge.

Coordinator: Jerry Kent

Course Number: OSHR-70016   Credit: 0 units


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