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The Poetic Documentary

Dale Schierholt

Poetic Documentaries are films that focus on experiences and emotions to create a feeling rather than a truth. Filmmaker Dale Schierholt has embraced elements of the poetic documentary, in that simulating his own experiences is one of his film’s goals. In this lecture the filmmaker will discuss the evolution of his personal filmmaking style and share two films that fully embrace the Poetic Documentary approach.

O-New-Y /i>

This unique short poetic documentary takes you on an experiential journey through the sights and sounds of New York. Using still images and video captured in an “intuitive” manner on a simple point-and-shoot camera, Schierholt recreates the experience of moving in and around the Island of Manhattan.

60 Seasons

This film’s midsection serves as a visual tone poem in which Schierholt travels through the seasons of his dog’s life, using storytelling that allows images, music, and ambient sound to do the work. Immersing us in an emotional and experiential journey, the film will inspire viewers to recall dogs of their own and the memories that accompany them.

Instructor: Dale Schierholt is known for his conversational film portraits of artists. Working without a crew, Schierholt builds a rapport with his subjects, engaging in the intimate and candid discussions that have become a hallmark of his work. With a degree from Miami University’s fine arts program, Schierholt began his career as a print designer and photographer. He started making short advocacy films for clients in the 1990s before switching to full time filmmaking.

Coordinator: Marsha Korobkin

Course Number: OSHR-70019   Credit: 0 units


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