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Everything You Wanted to Know About Conducting but Were Afraid to Ask

David Amos, MA

nonetheless responsible for the success or failure of the music being produced. This lecture will discuss the critical attributes of an orchestra leader: the studious, the physical, the scholarly, and the artistic. The lecture will cover the history of conducting, baton techniques, score reading and preparation, famous maestros, and the speaker’s experiences in facing several world-class orchestras. The program will feature recorded excerpts of some of the music discussed.

Instructor: David Amos has specialized in introducing to the public lesser-known works of composers worthy of greater recognition. He has conducted over 160 compositions in performances all over the world, including five London orchestras, the national and radio orchestras of Israel, Scotland, Slovakia, Russia, Lithuania, and Poland, and the Jerusalem Symphony. Amos was the music columnist for the news-magazine San Diego Jewish Times for 24 years. He earned two musical degrees from San Diego State University and took doctoral studies in conducting from Indiana University.

Coordinator: Eileen Coblens

Course Number: OSHR-70021   Credit: 0 units


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