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Cerca Trova: Seek and You Shall Find

Professor Maurizio Seracini

Professor Maurizio Seracini returns to Osher to discuss his 30-year quest to unlock the secrets of the great Italian artists, including Da Vinci, Botticelli, Caravaggio, and Raphael. Adapting technologies from the medical and military fields, he has made it possible to search for and to perform diagnostics on art without destroying the artwork itself. His search for and discovery of Da Vinci’s mural, The Battle of Angihari, in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence ranks among the greatest art discoveries ever.

Instructor: Maurizio Seracini, a renowned art diagnostician, is the former Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Science, Art, Architecture, and Archaeology at the Qualcomm Institute at UC San Diego. He has studied more than 2500 buildings and works of art. In 2013, Seracini established Great Masters Art Authentication in San Diego, the first U.S. company dedicated to the scientific authentication of Old Masters from the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries. He received his BA in bioengineering from UCSD and a Laurea degree in electrical engineering from the University of Padua, where he went on to study medicine.

Coordinator: Joy Urich

Course Number: OSHR-70022   Credit: 0 units


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