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Geometric “Expansions” and 4,000-Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

John C. Stokes III

John Stokes, an artist and puzzle-maker, will present some of his artistic works and demonstrate how they were made. These include geometric “Expansions” in black-and-white and color, and high-quality, complex, wooden jigsaw puzzles. He personally cut every piece of more than 1000 jigsaw puzzles that he made in his shop. The largest had 4,271 pieces measuring 56” x 30”. It is somewhat difficult to describe his work without seeing examples, and we will see a few during this lecture.

Instructor: John Stokes, inventor, artist, and puzzle-maker, began a conventional career programming computers. Later he began a parallel career developing Macintosh software for taking simple shapes and “growing” them into complex geometric designs. In 1999 he rediscovered his love for jigsaw puzzles and began cutting wooden ones.

Coordinator: Jay Hansen

Course Number: OSHR-70023   Credit: 0 units


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