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The Tempest, by William Shakespeare

Judith Anderson, MFA

The last play attributed exclusively to Shakespeare, and one of his most popular works, The Tempest is a magical, mystical fantasy filled with Shakespearean villains, lovers, and fools. It has also served as an allegory for every imaginable political and psychological situation. The Tempest returns to the Old Globe Theatre this summer, and this seminar will enhance your appreciation of the production by exploring plot, characters, and issues through text, film, and discussion. This class will be conducted as a seminar. Please plan to read the play so that you can join the dialogue. We will be using the Folger Shakespeare Library edition, readily available in paperback in bookstores or through Amazon.

June 4: Acts I-III

June 8: Acts IV-V

Instructor: During her more than 30 years of managing theatre, opera, music, and dance, Judith Anderson has covered nearly every aspect of producing art onstage: literary management, casting, marketing, public relations, fundraising, educational outreach, even an executive directorship. Each has been rewarding — but nothing beats reading, watching, and teaching her favorite artist, William Shakespeare. Anderson has taught Shakespeare through UCSD Extension for 18 years, building a loyal following of students who return year after year to explore the works of the Bard. She received her MFA in Theater Management from USIU in San Diego.

Coordinators:Eileen Coblens

Course Number: OSHR-70024   Credit: 0 units


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