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British Modern Art in Print, 1914-1940: World War I in Graphics to the Grosvenor School

Erin Sullivan Maynes, PhD

In the first decades of the twentieth century, avant-garde art in Britain had a strong, graphic identity. From World War I-era prints of artists including C.R.W. Nevinson and Edward Wadsworth documenting the Western Front, to the dynamic and colorful linocuts of the Grosvenor School, this lecture will explore major British graphic arts movements before the Second World War.

The lecture will preview the Osher private gallery tour and expand upon the themes presented in the exhibition British Modern Prints from the British Museum at the University of San Diego’s Hoehn Galleries, a collaborative exhibition between USD and the British Museum.

Instructor: Erin Sullivan Maynes is the Hoehn Curatorial Fellow for Prints at the University of San Diego. She received her PhD from the University of Southern California in 2014, specializing in modern German prints. She previously has worked in print departments at the MFA Boston and at Smith College Museum of Art.

Coordinators: Steve Clarey and Carol Roberts

Course Number: OSHR-70024   Credit: 0 units


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