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How Secure is Your Car? Modern Automobile Software and Firmware Vulnerabilities

Professor Stefan Savage

Over the last six years, automobiles have transitioned from mechanical conveyances to complex microprocessor systems on wheels. The physical behavior of today’s car is mediated through distributive systems. As a result, software vulnerabilities allow an adversary to obtain control over the vehicle. This lecture will highlight the changes in automotive-security vulnerabilities and review how independent security research has played a key role in driving industry and government response.

Instructor: Stefan Savage is Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the UC San Diego. He received his PhD from the University of Washington. He is a full-time empiricist whose research interests lie at the intersection of computer security, distributed systems, and networking. He currently serves as co-director of UCSD's Center for Network Systems and co-director of the Center for Evidence-Based Security Research, a joint effort between UCSD and the International Computer Science Institute.

Coordinator: Jeanne Ferrante

Course Number: OSHR-70031   Credit: 0 units


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