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California Drought: A Big-Picture Perspective

Carl Nettleton

While media reports provide snippets of the causes of drought and what it takes to ensure reliable sources of water into the future, the real story involves atmospheric rivers, El Niños and La Niñas, and the role of climate change and its impacts. Does it matter if San Diego is in a drought? What is the role of the State Water Project, the Colorado River, and the Rocky Mountains in maintaining supplies not only in California but also throughout the West? What is the water/energy nexus and why is it important? The lecture will discuss these and other issues affecting water supply.

Instructor: Carl Nettleton is an acclaimed writer, speaker, facilitator, and analyst who participates in numerous local and international forums. He heads Nettleton Strategies, an environmental-policy firm specializing in oceans, water, energy, climate, and U.S.-Mexico border issues. He serves on the National and California advisory councils for Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) and is active with numerous local businesses and environmental organizations.

Coordinator: John Kroon

Course Number: OSHR-70033   Credit: 0 units


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