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The Interior of the Earth from the Surface to the Core

Professor Zoltan Hajnal

This lecture will explain how a worldwide seismic-investigation program (the Global Seismographic Network) and geochemical methods have helped us to define and understand new complexities of all regions of the earth’s interior. It will detail how earthquake-generated seismic signals provide valuable information about the earth’s interior, including its density, pressure, and elasticity. These tools have helped us not only to recognize the solid and liquid zones of the core, the overlying lower and upper mantle, and the thin lithosphere, but also to discern the basic composition of each zone.

Instructor: Zoltan Hajnal is Professor Emeritus of Geophysics at the University of Saskatchewan. His research interest includes study of the lithosphere. He was elected foreign member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and is a recipient of the Tuzo Wilson medal of the Canadian Geophysical Union. He received his PhD from the University of Manitoba

Coordinator: Steve Clarey

Course Number: OSHR-70034   Credit: 0 units


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