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Interpreting Ambiguous U.S. Constitutional Provisions

title: The Approach of Controversial Texas Federal District Court Judge William Wayne Justice

Professor Frank Kemerer

Judge William Wayne Justice handed down numerous controversial decisions during his time on the bench, from the 1970s through the early 2000s. As a result, he became one of the most disliked public officials in the state of Texas. Yet his decisions changed life in Texas and had a spillover effect to many other states. This presentation addresses the overarching principle Judge Justice used in two Texas cases, one involving juvenile delinquents in reform schools and the other the denial of education to undocumented immigrant children, both of which required the interpretation of ambiguous federal constitutional provisions.

Instructor: : Frank Kemerer is a University of North Texas Regents Professor Emeritus. After moving to San Diego, he taught as a professor-in-residence at the USD School of Law and the School of Leadership and Education Sciences. Among the books he has written is the award-winning William Wayne Justice: A Judicial Biography. Kemerer received his PhD from Stanford University with a law minor from Stanford Law School.

Coordinator: Mavis Porter

Course Number: OSHR-70035   Credit: 0 units


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