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Challenges and Contributions of Today’s Law Enforcement

Dan Robbins

We are living at a time when there is growing expectation and criticism of law enforcement in a complex and somewhat rebellious society. Dan Robbins, retired Police Chief of the City of San Bernardino, will share his insights and experience from a rewarding and a challenging career. He will discuss the various elements of police work: stress, danger, the gratification of helping, contributions police officers make to their communities, and the obstacles law enforcement faces today as it attempts to perform its preventive and correctional duties.

Instructor: Dan Robbins enjoyed a 29-year career serving in law enforcement as a member of the San Bernardino Police Department. Starting as a patrol officer and culminating his career with a six-year term as Chief of Police, he served a community of over 200,000 and a police force of over 400. He was responsible for leadership in police programs such as Crime Analysis and Crime Prevention; Problem Oriented Policing; outreach to community youth via a Junior Police Academy; outreach to the community via the YMCA, Rotary Club, and San Bernardino County Gang and Drug Task Force; and other city and county organizations.

Coordinator: Steve Clarey

Course Number: OSHR-70035   Credit: 0 units


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