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International Issues: A View by UC San Diego International Graduate Students

The UC San Diego International Center hosts a large number of foreign scholars, ranging from undergraduates to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, Fulbright Scholars, and visiting faculty. They come from all over the world, bringing to UC San Diego their unique outlooks and experiences with respect to the issues facing their countries and the world.

Osher has been fortunate to arrange for one program per quarter to be presented by one or more members of the International Center on an important topic of the day. It is easy to read one account of an event in, say, Africa and believe that we have the straight scoop. If only life were so simple. These programs provide a broader perspective, one from those actually involved.

Coordinators: Dick Dahlberg and Jaqueline Soong

Course Number: OSHR-70048   Credit: 0 units


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