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Current Developments on the Korean Peninsula

Professor Stephan Haggard

The new administration will face challenges on the Korean peninsula, both North and South. With respect to the North, the question remains how to curb the country’s nuclear program, an issue that engages China as well. In the South, current scandals raise the question of how President Park can govern until the elections in late 2017. This briefing will review recent political developments in the Koreas and the crucial role that China and Japan also play in the politics of the region.

Instructor: Stephan Haggard is the Krause Distinguished Professor of Korea-Pacific Studies at the Graduate School of Global Policy and Strategy. He has written extensively on the political economy of North Korea and co-authors the North Korea: Witness to Transformation blog at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. He received his PhD from UC Berkeley.

Coordinator: Indu Eerikal

Course Number: OSHR-70049   Credit: 0 units


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