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Democracy Today in South Africa: 24 Years After Apartheid

Professor Mike Williams

Professor Mike Williams has been visiting and conducting research in South Africa since 1998. This lecture will discuss the state of democracy in South Africa in 2018 — 24 years after the end of apartheid — and address whether South Africa will ever be truly democratic. The lecture will range from an analysis of the broader factors that influence the decisions of political leaders to the efforts of individuals and organizations in rural South Africa to enhance democracy.

Instructor: Mike Williams is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at UC San Diego. His research focuses on African politics, with special interests in democratization, indigenous political structures, local governance, rule of law, the courts, and constitutionalism. He is the author of Chieftaincy, the State, and Democracy: Political Legitimacy in Post-Apartheid South Africa (Indiana University Press, 2010). He received his JD from American University, and his PhD from the University of Wisconsin.

Coordinator: Steve Clarey

Course Number: OSHR-70049   Credit: 0 units


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