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Hope and Fear on the Nile: An Autopsy of the Revolution

Professor Dina Ibrahim

Egypt faces major political, economic, social, and environmental challenges as it navigates a post-revolution era under renewed military rule. But there is still potential for regime change, despite regional conflict. Islamist threats in the Sinai, migration from Syria and African countries, and declining tourism revenues since the 2011 revolution are putting tremendous pressure on the current regime. Elections are slated for June 2018, and change may be on the horizon once more. This lecture will provide an analysis of how Egyptians are struggling to avoid another popular uprising.

Instructor: Dina Ibrahim is Associate Professor of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts at San Francisco State University. She received her BA and MA from the American University in Cairo and her PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. Her research interests include innovation in the news and entertainment industries, the psychological impact of news on audiences, and American representation and perception of the Mideast. She recently traveled to Egypt and is producing a documentary on its future.

Coordinator: Ira Nelson

Course Number: OSHR-70050   Credit: 0 units


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