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The Secrets of the Violins of Cremona

Jacob Fraden, PhD

Since the violin was invented at the beginning of the sixteenth century, its design and acoustical qualities have been the subjects of numerous speculations, fantasies, and rumors. The key question was what secret did Antonio Stradivari take to his grave? Why, during the following centuries, was no violinmaker able to replicate the superior sound quality of the old masters from the Italian town of Cremona? In attempts to uncover the secret, the violins were put through many engineering studies and tests. Some modern-day violinmakers have developed their own trade secrets that they claim are similar to those of the Cremonese masters. Several such findings will be presented and discussed during this lecture.

Instructor: Jacob Fraden is an inventor, entrepreneur, artist, and writer. He holds a degree of MSEE and a PhD in medical instrumentation and is credited with more than 60 inventions. Apart from the technical disciplines, Fraden extensively studied art history, especially of the Renaissance. His surrealistic oil paintings have been exhibited in various galleries in San Diego.

Coordinator: Steve Clarey

Course Number: OSHR-70058   Credit: 0 units


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