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Is Patriotism Immoral?

Professor Richard Arneson

Many of us hold that it is morally required to favor one's own nation and its people. To some degree at least, even if not to the point of heroism, patriotism is a duty. The principle of patriotism (nationalism) is not equivalent to chauvinism. Rather, it affirms a universal duty that applies to everyone: each person ought to favor her own country. But there is an opposed position — call it extreme cosmopolitanism. This is the denial that we have special duties to all people in virtue of common national membership per se. If extreme cosmopolitanism is right, the principle of patriotism is wrong. Which is right?

Instructor: Richard Arneson is a Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at UC San Diego who holds the Valtz Family Chair in Philosophy. He writes mainly on political and moral philosophy, with a special emphasis on theories of distributive justice. Arneson received a Chancellor’s Associates Faculty Excellence Award in 2017. He received his PhD from UC Berkeley

Coordinator: Steve Clarey

Course Number: OSHR-70063   Credit: 0 units


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