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Osher Members’ Debate: The United States Single-Payer Healthcare System with Universal Coverage

A wealthy industrialized nation should be able to afford healthcare for all of its citizens. Healthcare costs in the U.S. are almost double that of other industrialized countries, while the results are not better than most. A single-payer system is one way to improve things.

On the other hand, Americans resist the heavy hand of government regulation and interference and want to be free to choose their healthcare providers and their treatment options. Single-payer systems can reduce choice, impose waiting periods on access to treatment, and smack of socialism. Private enterprise within a competitive marketplace is another option. These issues will be discussed in a formal debate centered on the resolution stated in the title.

This Osher debate returns a popular program to the quarterly schedule. Arguments and rebuttals will be followed by a question-and-answer period and a vote on the resolution. Join this stimulating discussion, and share your points of view and opinions.

Dick Dahlberg and Fred Parker will form two debating teams. Dick Dahlberg, PhD, is a retired nuclear engineer and scientist. He is a former President of Osher. Osher member Fred Parker is interested in American politics and his book, Cancer in American Democracy, includes a chapter dedicated to health care.

Coordinators: Dick Dahlberg and Fred Parker

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