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April 5 East Side Sushi 1 hour 46 minutes

Sweet story about love and family. When she begins working at a Japanese restaurant, single mother Juana learns that the journey from fruit-cart vendor to sushi chef isn’t an easy one — especially if neither your race nor your gender matches up with people’s expectations.

April 19 The Best Offer 2 hours 10 minutes

An auction-house owner who lives in seclusion amid a collection of female portraiture is hired by a woman who refuses to meet him in person. But as his business relationship with his enigmatic client grows, so does his dormant libido. Many twists, turns, and intrigue. Unforgettable film.

Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess

May 3 Trumbo 2 hours 5 minutes

Bryan Cranston stars as famed 1940s screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo. Trumbo’s refusal to testify before the Congressional House Un-American Activities Committee resulted in a prison sentence and being blacklisted in Hollywood.

Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, Helen Mirren

May 17 Love & Mercy 2 hours

This candid biopic traces the winding path of Brian Wilson, creator of the Beach Boys’ unique sound. Battling mental illness, Wilson traded stardom for an isolated existence in the 1960s but returned to the stage in the ‘80s after taming his demons. Great music and performance by John Cusak.

John Cusack, Bill Camp, Paul Dano, Elizabeth Banks

May 31 Brooklyn 1 hour 51 minutes

After emigrating from Ireland, Ellis Lacey adapts to life in New York City, where she falls in love with a young Italian man. When tragedy pulls her back to her hometown in Ireland, she finds her loyalties divided between two nations and two men. Moving, powerful film.

Saoirse Ronan, Jim Brodbent, Julie Walters

Coordinators: Judi Miller and Flossie O’Brien

Course Number: OSHR-70072   Credit: 0 units


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