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Telomeres: Are They the Fountain of Youth?

Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD

Telomeres and telomerase are thought to play central roles in aging and cancer. As a co-discoverer of telomerase and the nature of telomeres, Elizabeth Blackburn will talk about research in aging and will incorporate, but not be limited to, her own work in the area, which helped launch entire new fields of research. One exciting area of her current research includes the impact of stress on telomeres and how mindfulness meditation can mediate such stress.

Instructor: Pioneering molecular biologist Elizabeth Blackburn is President of The Salk Institute. She has received numerous awards including the Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine in 2009 for discovering the molecular nature of telomeres and for co-discovering telomerase. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and of the Royal Society and holds or has held leadership positions in several other organizations. Blackburn received her BS and MS degrees at the University of Melbourne, earned her PhD at Cambridge, and did postdoctoral work at Yale.

Coordinator: Jerry Kent

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