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Outside-the-Box Thinking to Combat the Crisis of Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

Professor Victor Nizet

The steady and alarming rise in antibiotic resistance poses one of the greatest challenges to public health and modern medicine. Thousands of deaths and billions of dollars are spent around this problem. The antibiotic-resistance crisis is particularly devastating in hospitals and long-term care facilities. Overzealous use of antibiotics, the departure of major drug companies from antibiotic development, and simple Darwinian evolution of microbes have made this a major issue. This talk will discuss the immediate threats and long-term efforts to gain control over them.

Instructor: Victor Nizet, MD, is Professor and Vice Chair for Basic Research in the Department of Pediatrics, Professor of Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Science, and Chief of the Division of Host-Microbe Systems & Therapeutics at UC San Diego. He has written extensively and received many awards for his excellence in treatments of serious drug-resistant infections.

Coordinator: Steven Wyte

Course Number: OSHR-70074   Credit: 0 units


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