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Reforming Forensic Science: Some Insights from Research on Vision and Memory

Professor Thomas Albright

At times, weaknesses in forensic science contribute to wrongful convictions and thereby threaten public confidence in our criminal-justice system. These problems, particularly faulty witness recollections, have prompted broad calls for reform in the ways that forensic evidence is acquired, analyzed, and interpreted. By analyzing and evaluating complex visual patterns or memories of visual experiences, Professor Albright’s lab is advancing the understanding of brain systems for visual sensation, perception, and memory, hoping to reshape forensic science.

Instructor: Thomas Albright is Professor and Conrad T. Prebys Chair at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. His laboratory seeks to understand the brain bases of visual perception, memory, and visually guided behavior. He received a PhD in psychology and neuroscience from Princeton and serves on the National Commission on Forensic Science.

Coordinator: Ira Nelson

Course Number: OSHR-70075   Credit: 0 units


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