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Advances in Cataract Surgery: Past, Present, and Future

Sanford Feldman, MD

Can you guess when the first documented cataract operation took place? You are probably off by 2000 years! Dr. Feldman will present some fascinating historical anecdotes about the evolution of cataract surgery. He will review recent technological advances, including the use of lasers and intraocular lens implants that can greatly reduce or eliminate the need for glasses after cataract surgery. And he will offer a glimpse into efforts underway to turn cataract science fiction into cataract science reality.

Instructor: Sanford Feldman graduated from Stanford University and received his medical degree at UCLA. He has coauthored research articles on neuroanatomy, glaucoma, and retinal diseases. A nationally recognized expert on patient education, Feldman has co-authored a book on health and wrote and produced scores of television and radio segments on health. Feldman's peers have repeatedly voted him one of San Diego’s “Top Doctors” in annual surveys by San Diego Magazine.

Coordinator: Steve Wyte

Course Number: OSHR-70076   Credit: 0 units


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