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Interventional Radiology

Isabel Newton, MD

It has been 53 years since pioneering radiologist Dr. Charles Dotter inserted a deflated balloon through a blocked leg artery and performed the first angioplasty, saving the leg. Numerous other minimally invasive interventional techniques performed under imaging control have since been developed — a revolution in medicine that has permeated all procedural specialties and is the subject of this presentation. The enormous contributions of interventional radiology (IR) are little known and underappreciated. Even when there is awareness of IR, patients are often referred to IR only as a last resort.

Instructor: Isabel Newton is Assistant Professor of Radiology at UC San Diego and an interventional radiologist who see patients at both the UCSD and the VA San Diego Health Systems. She is co-creator, contributing writer, and director of the documentary series Without a Scalpel, which is helping raise public awareness about minimally invasive interventional procedures. She also serves as chair of the Interventional Initiative, a 501(c)(3) organization that she co-founded with the mission to educate and engage the public about minimally invasive, image-guided procedures. She received her BA from Princeton and her MD and PhD from Wake Forest University.

Coordinator: Roger Sanders

Course Number: OSHR-70076   Credit: 0 units


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