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Portraits in Art and Photography: Psychological Insight into both Artist and Subject

Dana Levine, PhD

In painting, sculpture, photography, and film, characterizations of people are as much about who is creating the image as about the person portrayed. To expand our insight into portraiture, Larry Fink, an American photographer, asks you to consider “the idea of the transformative merger between you and the person you are seeing,” to “try to enter their form, their skin, their mass, their muscle, and potentially, possibly, their soul.” One might add to his statement a third person in the transformative merger: the artist.

Instructor: Dana Levine graduated from Barnard College and earned a PhD in biochemistry at Columbia University. She spent her professional career teaching science at an engineering college and helped found Liberty Science Center, an interactive science museum. Today, she is an artist and photographer. She has been a member of Osher since 1997.

Coordinator: Marsha Korobkin

Course Number: OSHR-70079   Credit: 0 units


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