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Psychiatry’s Problematic History and Difficult Future

Professor David Lehman

This lecture will highlight key milestones in the history of psychiatry from the late eighteenth century. It will explore the impact of particular cultural movements on the perception and treatment of mental illness, including successes and horrific failures. After reflecting on the history, the lecture will examine the current state of psychiatry and challenges for future development.

Instructor: David Lehman is Associate Professor of Psychiatry at UC San Diego, Chief of the Cognitive Disorders Clinic at the VA Medical Center, and Medical Director of the VA’s Inpatient Unit. He received his medical degree from Washington University in St. Louis and completed his psychiatry residency at UCSD. He has won many awards for his teaching of both medical students and psychiatry residents.

Coordinator: Lyle Kalish

Course Number: OSHR-70082   Credit: 0 units


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