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Religious Revival, Regulation, and Repression in China Under Xi Jinping

Professor Richard Madsenstrong>

China is undergoing a remarkable religious renaissance, which includes not only revival and reinvention of many traditional forms of Chinese religion, but also the creation and creative adaptation of new forms. Millions of local deity temples have been built or rebuilt in the past 30 years, pilgrims flock to refurbished Buddhist temples and Daoist shrines, and multiple forms of Christianity have been undergoing explosive growth. This lecture will discuss this religious renaissance in China and the renewed efforts of the Chinese Communist Party to keep it under control.

Instructor: Richard Madsen is Distinguished Professor of Sociology at UC San Diego and an affiliated faculty member at the UCSD School of Global Policy and Strategy. He is director of the Fudan-UC Center on Contemporary China, headquartered at UCSD. He received his MA in Asian Studies and PhD in Sociology from Harvard.

Coordinator: Candace Gietzen

Course Number: OSHR-70085   Credit: 0 units


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