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The “Early Music” Movement

Ruben Valenzuela, PhD

What makes Baroque music “Baroque,” and what is meant by “historically-informed performances”? In this lecture, we will explore how musical expression in the Baroque and Romantic Eras compare and what the Early Music Movement is trying to achieve when performing compositions of the Baroque and earlier periods. You will discover “period instruments,” both those unfamiliar to contemporary audiences and those that seem familiar but have important differences, and how the medium of these instruments becomes the message. Finally, you will learn about Bach Collegium San Diego, our local early music ensemble, and see and hear video highlights of its choral and instrumental performances.

Instructor: Ruben Valenzuela holds a PhD in Musicology from Claremont Graduate University. He founded the Bach Collegium San Diego (BCSD), an “early music” ensemble. As its director and keyboardist, he has led BCSD in numerous Southern California premieres of historically-informed performances of instrumental and choral music from the Renaissance, early and high Baroque, through the early Classical period. As a musicologist, he has researched early music in the Archives of Mexico City Cathedral, focusing on the basso continuo (1680–1750).

Coordinator: Jay Hansen

Course Number: OSHR-70091   Credit: 0 units


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