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The Geisel Library Special Collections

Lynda Claassen, MLS

UCSD Special Collections at the Geisel Library preserves rare documents and books, personal papers of celebrities like Jonas Salk and Nobel Laureates, and the popular culinary “cookbook collection.” Librarian Lynda Claassen will explain how the collections are acquired, catalogued, and preserved under special climatic conditions, with a focus on one of the rarest collections.

Instructor: Lynda Claassen has been head of the Mandeville Special Collections at UC San Diego Library for 33 years. Her work has provided personal contact with a variety of famous scientists, authors, and other prominent donors represented in the archive. She holds a BA degree from Smith College and an MLS degree from UC Berkeley, with additional graduate study at Cornell University. She held positions at Mills College and the Smithsonian Institution before joining UCSD.

Coordinator: Pat Ford

Course Number: OSHR-70092   Credit: 0 units


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