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Opera: Your Favorites and Hollywood’s Choices

Erica Miner

This short series will focus on opera from two different perspectives.

February 21: My Favorite Operas: How Do Yours Compare?

Opera arouses such mad passions from its devotees that it has been called “an art form for sufferers and nut cases.” Those fervent emotions generally stem from personal likes and dislikes, which over the centuries have been contested in heated, even violent, debates. Erica Miner will discuss current opera favorites as well as the most produced operas in the U.S. and worldwide. Audience members will then be invited to discuss their own operatic preferences in what is likely to be a lively, possibly heated, debate.

February 23: Opera Meets Hollywood

Since the dawn of filmmaking, opera music has been ubiquitous in the movies and has been incorporated into films in intriguing ways. Even in present times, the sheer number of opera excerpts used to enrich the overall motion-picture experience is astonishing. Film composers continue to mine the treasure trove of emotions that opera elicits by including arias, ensembles, and overtures from operas of all genres and historical periods in their soundtracks. Using musical and video examples, Miner will discuss how Hollywood has used opera classics to enhance the images we see on the silver screen — with often surprising results.

Instructor: Former Metropolitan Opera Orchestra violinist Erica Miner is now an award-winning screenwriter, author, arts writer, and lecturer. She studied violin at Boston University, where she received her MusB cum laude; New England Conservatory of Music; and Tanglewood Music Center. As a member of the Met Orchestra for 21 years, Miner worked closely with James Levine. Her debut novel won the Fiction Prize in the Direct from the Author Book Awards. Her latest novel, Murder in the Pit, chronicles assassination and intrigue at the Met.

Coordinator: Linda Shirer

Course Number: OSHR-70095   Credit: 0 units


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