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Wednesday at the Movies

July 11 Marjorie Prime 1hr 39min

In this futuristic sci-fi tale, the subjective nature of memory and identity is explored through 86-year-old Marjorie and her interaction with a hologram—a lookalike of her deceased husband programmed to stir her fading memories.

Cast: Jon Hamm, Geena Davis, Tim Robbins

August 1 Midnight Special 1hr 51min

After discovering that his young son possesses extraordinary powers, a father must try to safeguard the boy not only from the intensive pursuit of government authorities but also from a brand of religious fanatics.

Cast: Michael Shannon, Joel Egerton, Kristen Dunst

August 15 Coco 1hr 45min

Winner of 2018 Academy Award for best animated feature. Pixar’s magical animation lights up this colorful tale of adventure that follows Miguel Rivera, a 12-year-old Mexican boy who unlocks a long-hidden family mystery after he ends up in the “Land of the Dead.”

Cast: Anthony Gonzalez, Gael Garcia Bernal, Benjamin Bratt

Coordinator: Judi Miller, a nine-year member of Osher, has been a longtime movie fan. Facilitating the movie class enables her to seek out movies that are rarely seen in San Diego and share them with Osher members. As an added bonus, there is always popcorn served at class. What's a movie without popcorn?

Course Number: OSHR-70098   Credit: 0 units


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