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Principles of Clarity

Professor Karen Dobkins

This life-skills workshop-style course, tailored to Osher members, will be conducted in four consecutive sessions over a period of two days. It draws from a variety of disciplines, including Buddhism, Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, and Cognitive Therapy. The focus is on how to (1) live a life in which our actions are aligned with our core values, (2) get straight to the heart of a matter, (3) identify the issues, (4) discriminate between real threats vs. the “stories” we tell ourselves, (5) move away from “shoulds,” (6) take responsibility for our choices and not go into “victim mentality,” (7) communicate needs effectively, (8) bring love, mindfulness, and compassion to all situations, and (9) live wholeheartedly, without apology.

July 17 a.m.: Your Relationship with Yourself: Who Are You?

This session focuses on how we tend to attach to our “personalities” (that is, the things we like/don’t like, want/don’t want, our accomplishments/careers, where we’ve traveled, who we know, etc.), rather than keeping the focus on living a life that is aligned with our “core values” (that is, what our heart wants: to feel love, connect with others, find truth, etc.).

July 17 p.m.: Your Relationship with Yourself: Emotional Resilience

This session focuses on accepting all parts of ourselves: all the “good” and “bad” traits, as well as all the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that bombard us all day long, some of which make us uncomfortable. Once we practice the skill of “noticing,” we see that there is beauty in accepting and honoring all parts of the human experience.

July 18 a.m.: Your Relationship with Others: Who Are They?

This session focuses on how we tend to create stories about other people, thinking that we know who they are and why they did what they did. Here, we practice compassion (not pity!) for other people, because we understand that poor behavior is simply “getting out of alignment with the heart,” which is a type of human suffering we all experience.

July 18 p.m.: Your Relationship with Others: Working It Out

This session focuses on how to effectively work out conflict with others, communicating our needs without having to make others “wrong” and without playing the victim. Once we let go of preconceived notions of how things “should be,” we learn to ask for what we want, and we honor the other person’s response (even if we do not like it).

Instructor: Karen Dobkins is Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at UC San Diego and a frequent and favorite Osher lecturer. Although her original area of study was brain and cognitive development in children, her most recent research focus is in mindfulness and mental wellbeing. She created and has led the Principles of Clarity workshop around the world, including in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Japan.

Coordinator: Steve Clarey

Course Number: OSHR-70106   Credit: 0 units


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