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Active Shooter Survival Education and Response Training (ASSERT)

UC San Diego Police will offer ASSERT to prepare individuals to handle the threat of an active shooter. This training teaches individuals to participate in their own survival, while leading others to safety. The purpose of the training is to provide valuable skills and awareness to respond to critical incidents prior to the arrival of law enforcement or other first responders.

While these events are always unpredictable, the training and concepts taught can better prepare someone to react when a critical incident occurs. The training will also teach basic bleeding-control techniques in accordance with the Stop-the-Bleed national awareness campaign.

This course will address the following topics:

• Defining a critical incident
• A brief history and examination of past active-shooter events
• Examining traditional and trained responses in a crisis
• The importance of a survival mindset
• Understanding the human reaction phases, being situational aware, and pre-planning
• Defining the run, hide, fight concept
• Understanding law-enforcement response
• Basic/immediate bleeding-control techniques

Course Number: OSHR-70106   Credit: 0 units


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