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Technology Challenges in the Age of Megafires

Professor Joaquin Ramirez

We are living at a time when extreme fires are the "new common." Although we are using better and more resources than ever, the net result is that we have bigger fires every year worldwide. Advanced modeling and applied geotechnologies can help us to better understand this natural hazard and how to live with it in a more sustainable way. This lecture will use examples of applied advanced technology — from San Diego to Portugal, and from Chile to Canada — to illustrate how new software tools are helping agencies and companies, including SDG&E, to better face this challenging scenario.

Instructor: Joaquin Ramirez, a fire scientist and software architect, is the founder of Technosylva, Inc., which offers advanced wildfire and forestry products and services. As a professor at the University of Leon in Spain, Ramirez teaches a class on Geotechnologies and Wildfires, leading to an MSc in Wildfires. Since 2014, he has been based at the Qualcomm Institute Innovation Space at UC San Diego.

Coordinator: John Kroon

Course Number: OSHR-70111   Credit: 0 units


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