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Novel Uses for Algae: Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Professor Stephen Mayfield

Alga containing nuclei possess the basic building blocks for a wide range of organic chemicals. This lecture will describe how some strains are being used to develop antibody therapeutics, how others are being transformed into biofuels and structural materials, and how still others are being examined to find alga with desirable traits. New tools and processes are being developed to facilitate progress in these areas. A side effect of growing algae for other uses is the sequestration of CO2, which supports the objective of minimizing greenhouse gases. Alga has also been used to make biodegradable structures such as surfboards and flip-flops, and the lecture will discuss the benefits of a student-based venture to produce the latter.

Instructor: Stephen Mayfield is Director of the California Center for Algae Biotechnology, Co-Director of Food & Fuel for the 21st Century, and Professor of Molecular Biology at UC San Diego. He received his PhD in Molecular Genetics from the UC Berkeley and his BS in Biochemistry and Plant Biology from the California Polytechnic University.

Coordinator: Jerry Kent

Course Number: OSHR-70111   Credit: 0 units


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