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Adapting to Global Warming: Are We Saving the Planet?

Roger Sedjo, PhD

The world is under siege by global warming. Some have questioned whether Earth will be habitable in 2100. Global warming is caused by human demands for fossil-fuel energy. How can we best meet this assault? Thus far there has been a centralized approach to marshal the earth’s assets to prevent greenhouse-gas emissions. But do we fully understand the problem? Are there other approaches? As this lecture will demonstrate, climate history reveals a much more complicated picture of the problem, and more solutions appear to be available.

Instructor: Roger Sedjo is a Senior Fellow at Resources for the Future, an independent research organization specializing in resource and environmental issues based in Washington, DC. He shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize as one of the contributing authors of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Reports. His recent research involves natural climate variation and the suitability of biomass energy. Sedjo earned his PhD in economics at the University of Washington.

Coordinator: Pete Rodman

Course Number: OSHR-70112   Credit: 0 units


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