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Hiroshima: History of Events That Led to the End of World War II

Clay Perkins, MS

This lecture will discuss the World War II atom bombing of Hiroshima, touching on the technical, military, political, and moral aspects. The development of the atomic bomb was the most advanced and expensive science in history. How did it work? Its use was intended to win the war and stop the killing. Most historians today believe it was necessary, but the debate continues. Was it immoral by its sheer size? How did it compare with Fat Man, the bomb dropped on Nagasaki? Who were the men who dropped the bomb? What are modern nuclear weapons like?

Instructor: Clay Perkins holds an MS in physics from the University of Texas. He worked on the Atlas and Centaur rockets, owned and operated a 50,000-acre ranch in Canada, developed and owned shopping centers, and became active in nuclear history in retirement. He collects guns, books, and atomic bombs (yes, really).

Coordinator: John Kroon

Course Number: OSHR-70113   Credit: 0 units


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