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Louis Kahn and the Challenge of Architecture

Leonard Zegarski, AIA

Louis Kahn, 1901-1974, represents the end of an era in architecture. He was the last truly great modernist architect, practicing as society transformed from a modernist to a post-modernist culture. He had a reverence for past practice grounded in the present and in an imagined world of possibilities. “What does the building want to be?” became the driving force in Kahn's search for form and use of the institution itself. This lecture will examine a wide range of his projects, with special attention to use of geometry, materials structure, and imaginative daylight in his buildings.

Instructor: Leonard Zegarski has been at the New School of Architecture and Design since 1999, where he directed the undergraduate thesis program and became undergraduate Chair of Architecture in 2011. He also taught at Southwestern College and The University of Texas at Austin. Growing up in Philadelphia, he was greatly influenced by the presence and practice of Louis Kahn and by Kahn’s teaching methodology.

Coordinator: Candace Gietzen

Course Number: OSHR-70115   Credit: 0 units


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