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The Geopolitics of the Arctic Melt

David Edick, Jr.

The Arctic is in the midst of a profound environmental transformation. Dramatic decreases in the extent and thickness of polar sea ice are opening new routes for commercial shipping, unlocking previously inaccessible resources, and intensifying geopolitical competition. In January, China released a white paper framing their national interests in the Arctic within the context of the Belt and Road Initiative. This lecture will discuss these developments, their implications, and the international organizations and relationships that will shape the future of collaboration and competition in the Arctic. The Yamal LNG project in Russia will be used as a case study to illuminate relevant trends.

Instructor: David Edick is the Managing Director of Core Global Advisory, a financial and management consultancy focused on energy, political risk, real estate, and global financial markets. The slides from Edick’s previous Osher presentation, “The Commonwealth of Independent States in the Post-Soviet Era,” are available in the Classes/Lecture Notes section of the Osher website. Coordinator: Steve Clarey

Course Number: OSHR-70120   Credit: 0 units


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