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The Supreme Court's 2017-2018 Term

Professor Glenn Smith

NOTE: This is a Friday Lecture

When the Supreme Court adjourns for the summer in late June, it will have handed down highly controversial and important decisions on the Trump travel ban, the refusal of a “cake artist” to design a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, several big-ticket free-speech disputes, gerrymandering and voting rights, cellphone privacy, and other high-profile civil and criminal issues. Professor Smith will recap the Term's most important decisions and offer some thoughts on the Court's direction.

Instructor: Glenn Smith is Professor of Law at California Western School of Law, where he teaches and writes primarily about the Supreme Court and constitutional law. He is also a Visiting Professor of Political Science at UC San Diego, a frequent media commentator on current constitutional controversies, and co-author of Constitutional Law for Dummies. This will be his seventh annual summer lecture wrapping up the Supreme Court’s just-completed Term.

Coordinator: Mark Evans

Course Number: OSHR-70128   Credit: 0 units


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