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Copyright: What It Is, How It Works

Dean Niels Schaumann

“Only one thing is impossible for God: to find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.” Mark Twain

Copyrighted works are important in the modern economy. Historically limited to cultural creations, such as music, movies, drama, and literature, copyright has more recently begun to play an important role in information technology too. Copyright lawsuits are frequently in the news, especially when they are about popular music. Nevertheless, copyright law is not widely understood—not even by lawyers. This lecture will tell the story of copyright, clarify the issues, and introduce us to the policies and players that shaped copyright law and govern it today.

Instructor: Niels Schaumann is President, Dean, and Professor or Law at California Western School of Law, where he teaches courses in copyright law and the regulation of business. Before beginning his academic career, he worked as a Wall Street lawyer and as a professional drummer/percussionist in his home town of New York City.

Coordinator: Mark Evans

Course Number: OSHR-70129   Credit: 0 units


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