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Constitutionalism in the Middle East: New Beginnings or More of the Same?

Professor Laurence Claus

The “Arab Spring” uprisings of 2011 held out promise of change for the better in governments across the Middle East. Hopes were high for a new era of accountability and respect for human rights. Drawing on his work with some of those involved in recent constitutional change in Egypt and Jordan, Professor Claus will discuss whether real progress has been made and what prospects for positive change remain.

Instructor: Laurence Claus is Professor of Law at the University of San Diego. Before joining the USD faculty, he clerked for jurists in his native Australia and in the United States and served for three years in the Office of Foreign Litigation, U.S. Department of Justice, helping to oversee litigation in European courts involving U.S. government agencies. More recently he consulted for the American Bar Association's Rule of Law Initiative in an assessment of Jordan's new Constitutional Court. Claus is the author of Law's Evolution and Human Understanding.

Coordinator: Mark Evans

Course Number: OSHR-70130   Credit: 0 units


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