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Foster Care: Family Values and Our Treatment of Children in State Custody

Professor Robert Fellmeth

Foster children, of whom there are more than 400,000 nationally, have been seized by the state for their own protection. How do we best prevent the abuse that leads to their harm and/or state custody? What are the problems in our current foster-care system that lead to high arrest records, sex trafficking, unemployment, and poverty for these children upon emancipation? In a democracy with judges acting as their parents, foster children are part of our family in more than an allegorical sense. Where have we gone wrong, and what must we do? This lecture will explore these challenging questions.

Instructor: Robert Fellmeth holds the Price Chair in Public Interest Law at the University of San Diego School of Law. He secured his AB from Stanford University and his JD from Harvard University. Fellmeth has long been part of the governing bodies of the National Association of Counsel for Children and the Partnership for America's Children, and he founded the Children's Advocacy Institute at USD in 1989.

Coordinator: Frank Kemerer

Course Number: OSHR-70130   Credit: 0 units


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