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Master Class II: Architecture of the Silk Road

Diane Kane, PhD, AICP

The Silk Road has long excited imaginations about exotic lands, adventurous travel, luxury goods, tantalizing cuisines, and mystic religions. This Master Class consists of five exciting lectures focused on sections of the Silk Road as it traversed from East to West. Topics to be explored include: indigenous architecture, religion, and political systems; contact among various cultures along the Silk Road; cultural and intellectual exchanges as a result of trade; accommodations to foreigners and foreign ideas along the trade route; and architectural hybrids developed through trade.

August 1: China

Architecture of Beijing, the Great Wall, Shanghai concession, results of contacts with Indian Buddhism and the West.

August 8: Southeast Asia

Angkor Wat, the silk industry, spices, and foreign trade.

August 15: India

Hindu, Muslim, and Christian architectural influences.

August 22: Persia and the “Stans”

Crossroads of trade and intellectual thought; architecture from Persepolis to Samarkand; raiders, horsemanship, and yurts.

August 29: North Africa and Asia Minor

Mud, domes, and mosaics; church and mosque; nomads and seafarers vs. city dwellers.

Instructor: Diane Kane, an architectural historian, is a retired Senior Planner for the City of San Diego. Previously, she was the Heritage Resources Coordinator for Caltrans in Los Angeles. She is a six-term Trustee of the California Preservation Foundation and chairs the Preservation Committee of the La Jolla Historical Society. A frequent lecturer at Osher, she has taught architectural history and planning at several southland universities. She received her PhD in architectural history from UC Santa Barbara.

Coordinator: Steve Clarey

Course Number: OSHR-70135   Credit: 0 units


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