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Every class at Osher is a promise of discovery. In this expanded writing class it might be the discovery of your own ability to write, to harness the expressive power of language. This class invites you to learn by putting words on paper and finding your own voice. Recollecting important moments of your life provides ready-made content and a great starting point for those taking their first plunge into writing for pleasure. For those who wish to venture further, other genres such as essays, scripts, even poetry may beckon. Writing is done at home, then read in class to fellow writers and to others who simply come to listen and enjoy. In this friendly setting readers may request feedback from others.

Facilitators:Germaine Markowitz is a retired high-school French and English teacher. Paul Markowitz is a retired dentist and dental-trauma consultant.

Course Number: OSHR-70136   Credit: 0 units


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