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What Was Your Vietnam War Experience?

Panel Discussion by Osher Members

The Vietnam War touched us all in this Osher generation, either personally or through our families, friends, and community. As a coda to the epic 18-hour documentary on the Vietnam War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, Osher invites you to share your personal experiences from the Vietnam War era in a panel discussion. We are particularly interested in hearing from those of you who served “in-country” Vietnam as U.S. Army, Marine Corps, or Navy ground forces or advisors; from Air Force, Navy, or Marine Corps pilots who flew combat or rescue missions over Vietnam, Laos, or Cambodia; and from nurses or members of the medical corps. We also hope to have other aspects of the Vietnam-era experience represented in the discussion, such as anti-war protestors, conscientious objectors, and sponsors of post-war Vietnamese refugees.

If you would like be a panel member for this discussion, please email Steve Clarey, Chair of the Curriculum Committee, at, with a brief description of your Vietnam War experience.

Moderator: The panel discussion will be moderated by longtime Osher member Joan Fudala, a former U.S. Air Force Public Affairs Officer, widow of a Vietnam USAF F-4 pilot, and currently the community historian for Scottsdale, Arizona.

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