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Plan Ahead: Choose the Way You Die

Bill Simmons, JD

Today, due to remarkable medical achievements, death no longer comes in a few days but in months or even years. Within a medical system that does everything possible to keep you alive, whether you want to live or not, there are choices if you know what they are and if you plan accordingly. At this presentation, you will learn options for achieving a comfortable, peaceful, and family-oriented final exit. Family conversations are key. The lecture will include a discussion of California’s “End of Life Option Act.”

Instructor: Bill Simmons, a semi-retired real-estate attorney and Osher member for many years, is active in end-of-life issues both nationally and internationally. He is an environmentalist who, in the 1970s, directed California’s pace-setting air-pollution control program, and is now involved in local open-space and other conservation efforts.

Coordinator: Mavis Porter

Course Number: OSHR-70142   Credit: 0 units


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