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The Cutting Edge in Engineering

The UC San Diego Department of Structural Engineering is at the forefront of new materials, new design concepts, instrumentation for evaluating materials, and structures. In three lectures this summer we will hear about some of the engineering developments taking place in the department.

July 24: Earthquake-Resistant Buildings: Concept, Design, Practice, Research

Professor Chia-Ming Uang

This lecture will address the process for designing buildings that won’t collapse in an earthquake. The discussion will include the underlying concepts of building codes, lessons learned from past earthquakes (the latest being the 1994 Northridge Earthquake in California), vulnerable building types, and measures taken in California. There are differences in perception between the public and the design profession, and these will be covered as well.

Presenter: Chia-Ming Uang is a professor in the Department of Structural Engineering at UC San Diego. His research is in seismic design, rehabilitation, and testing of large-scale steel structures. He has received numerous awards for his lectures, including three research awards from the American Society of Civil Engineers. Uang is a recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award from the UCSD Academic Senate.

August 7: Field-Deployable Medical Imaging for the War Fighter

Professor Kenneth Loh

Soldiers who become injured in the battlefield do not always have access to the full spectrum of medical imaging equipment (such as X-rays, MRI, and CT) for diagnosing their injuries. This lecture will discuss the development of a field-deployable medical imaging system. The system, which is based on electrical capacitance tomography, is unique in that it does not require harmful radiation for imaging; instead, it utilizes low-amplitude electric fields for imaging the human body. Laboratory validation studies show that this technology can be used to image bone fractures and other issues related to infection, especially for wounded warriors fitted with osseo-integrated prostheses.

Presenter: Kenneth Loh is Associate Professor of Structural Engineering at UC San Diego. He received his PhD in Structural Engineering from the University of Michigan. Before joining UCSD he was an Assistant and then Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Davis. His main research interests are developing new nanomaterial-sensing technologies for assessing the health of structural systems and human beings.

August 21: Nanocomposite Sensing Skins for Structural and Human Health Monitoring

Professor Kenneth Loh

This lecture presents the development of nanomaterial-based paints that are engineered to be sensitive to different types of damage. When paired with a unique measurement strategy and algorithm, the paint can be used as a two-dimensional sensor to detect the severity, size, and location of damage. The talk will include examples of how this technology can be used for different structural engineering applications.

Coordinator: Dick Dahlberg

Course Number: OSHR-70149   Credit: 0 units


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