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Reusing the Carbon in Carbon Dioxide

Professor Clifford Kubiak

Studies to utilize CO2, an abundant greenhouse gas, for the ultimate manufacture of energy-dense liquid fuels hold the promise of greatly reducing the CO2 footprint of modern societies. As this lecture will discuss, these efforts have concentrated on the activation and reduction of CO2 by chemical, photochemical, and electrochemical means, and the development of catalysts for transforming CO2 to organic products. Catalysts, which can help divert CO2 to form liquid fuels such as methanol, are being developed. The lecture will describe a method employing semiconductor devices with appropriate band energies to photochemically “split” CO2 into CO and O2.

Instructor: Clifford Kubiak is Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and holds the Harold C. Urey Chair in Chemistry at UC San Diego. He has taught at several prestigious institutions, holds numerous awards for his work, and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences as well the American Chemical Society. He received his ScB from Brown University and his PhD from the University of Rochester.

Coordinator: Jerry Kent

Course Number: OSHR-70151   Credit: 0 units


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