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A Contemporary Documentation of Native Peoples and Plants, by and for Native Communities

Rose Ramirez and Deborah Small

Ramirez and Small will describe their work with Native people and plants bi-nationally in San Diego County and Baja California. They have worked on reclaiming the traditional knowledge and skills of Luiseno, Kumeyaay, Cahuilla, Tongva, and Acjachemen plant specialists and their affiliates who have dedicated their lives to revitalizing Native practices, fostering Native land management, and promoting the cultivation and restoration of native plants and the health and wellness of indigenous communities.

Instructor: Rose Ramirez is a photographer, videographer, ethnographer, artist, and writer. She has Chumash and Yaqui ancestry and has worked with Native people and plants for over 30 years. Her most recent work is the Ethnobotany Project, the first book in a series with Deborah Small. She has a BA in American Studies and an MA in Public History with an emphasis on photographic archives.

Deborah Small is an artist and writer who works closely with indigenous communities. Her collaborative work focuses on documenting and disseminating traditional and contemporary knowledge of edible, medicinal, and ceremonial plants through photography, video, writing, and an ethnobotany blog. She also collaborated with the Chia Cafe Collective on Cooking the Native Way.

Coordinator: Candace Gietzen

Course Number: OSHR-70152   Credit: 0 units


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