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First Peoples of San Diego County

Richard L. Carrico, MA

Using archaeology and native oral traditions, this lecture will look through the mists of time to explore the rich culture, art, astronomy, economy, medicines, and more of San Diego’s first peoples. We will delve into more than 10,000 years of Kumeyaay and Luiseno history to become better acquainted with the people who are largely known today only for their casinos. This reawakening will leave us far better informed about San Diego’s First Peoples.

Instructor: Richard L. Carrico is a lecturer in the Department of American Indian Studies at San Diego State University. He is also a principal in his firm Recuerdos Research, where he serves as a consultant to local Indian tribes, government agencies, and private firms. He has a master’s degree in history from the University of San Diego and BA degrees from San Diego State University in both history and anthropology.

Coordinator: Steve Jenner

Course Number: OSHR-70152   Credit: 0 units


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